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History and Information about the site





 Rothbury Colliery was first surveyed in 1898 and contained one of the steepest coal seams in the Hunter coalfields region.


 This was the site of the most serious industrial riot in Australia’s history caused by the Northern Coal lockout – March 1st 1929 – June 3rd 1930.

 Thousands of miners charged the Rothbury Colliery gates, clashing with hundreds of Police and Troopers over the use of non-union labour at the mine. This occured on Monday December 16th, 1929. One miner, Norman Brown, was shot and killed. An unknown number of miners and police were seriously wounded.

 The mine closed in 1974 leaving many interesting industrial colliery buildings, structures and relics on the site today.



Branxton Railway Station (Classified by the National Trust) was built by Colonial Railway Builder, John Whitton in 1862



John Whitton






The Railway Museum’s Collection contains over 100 rare and historic railway carriages, 7 steam locomotives (classified by the
National Trust), diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, rail motors, electric passenger trains, steam cranes and many other railway items of historic significance and interest.

  The museum specialises in collecting original working sets of carriages, preserving famous trains as they ran at their peak on the railway systems of New South Wales representing Victorian, Edwardian, Art Noveau, Art Deco, Post War and Post Modern styles, fashions, workmanship and technology that once carried the Nation


Some of the famous trains and carriages in the collection:

 Pre-electric Sydney Surburban Carriages of the 1890’s.

 Night Mail Train circa 1916.

 The Melbourne Express circa 1918.

 The Caves Express (Jenolan Caves) circa1920’s.

 Electric Train Set to run in Sydney in 1923.

 Carriages used by General MacCarthur during World War II.

 The first air conditioned to run in NSW circa 1950.

 The Newcastle Flyer circa 1948.

 The Northern Tablelands Express
circa 1960.

 The Fish circa 1958.

 The Intercapital Daylight circa 1960.

 The Brisbane Express circa 1930.

 Identical carriages to those involved in the tragic Granville Train disaster.

 The Aurora carriages include the carriage used by Premiers, Governors, and Sir Robert Menzies, the Prime Minister of Australia to open the standard gauge railway between Sydney and Melbourne. Some of theses carriages have been placed back into service. Where they have been leased out by Southen Cross Railway as part of the The Ghan passager train.



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